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And The Winner of the Free Abeka Number Skills Curriculum Is…

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Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Over the past few days I have felt so many emotions.  Since Sunday I have felt nervous, sad, grateful, blessed, annoyed, irritated, empathetic, compassionate…should I go on?

I am happy to finally be fully operational today and prayerful that you and your families are safe and sound.  Many of us have lost or  have family members that have lost so much from this storm.  My prayers are with you all and I am praying for strength to help you get through this terrible time.

With that said the 50 Days of Gift Ideas for Holiday 2012 series set to begin November 1st will begin November 5, 2012.  See you then!


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Is your craft or product in the Holiday 2012 “50 Days of Gift Ideas” Extravaganza?

Holiday 2012 - 50 Gift Idea Advertising Promo

Boost your holiday sales join the Holiday 2012 Gift Idea Extravaganza!

If you have a craft, product or service for sale there is no better time than Christmas to gain new customers.  If you are looking for a way to get more sales, drive traffic to your site or promote your product, the Holiday 2012 – 50 Days of Gift Ideas Extravaganza may be your answer.

From November 1st thru December 20th I will be the hosting “50 Days of Gift Ideas” event right here.  Each day a product, gift or service will be presented.

This event will be is going to be promoted tons through various social media outlets, forums and link ups to insure tons of viewing traffic.

If you are interested in having your product included there are several unique advertising options available.

Review & Giftaway

A review of your product can not only drive traffic to your site, which can lead to more sales but it also gives your product visibility.  People love giveaways!  What better way to get customer testimonials and more sales?  You will need to provide an item for review and agree to provide the giveaway item to the winner prior to Christmas.

What’s included?

- A review post will be given for your item

- A link back to your website

- A giveaway (giftaway) will be hosted using RaffleCopter.  Entrants will need to engage in your site or social media account in order to be considered.

Cost $15

Sponsored Post

Have your item presented as a gift suggestion. Drive traffic to your site to boost sales! You will need to provide a detailed product/service description and at least one photo.

What’s Included?

- A sponsored post will be created for your item.

- A link to your Social Media accounts & website

Cost $25

Sponsored Video

Your sponsored post can be presented as a video post.  Video is a great way to get your item in front of new customers.  You will need to provide several photos and an adequate product or service description. Honestly, the video alone is priceless as it can be an ongoing marketing tool.

What’s included?

- A video post will be created for your item (which you will be given the link to for future use). Video will be posted on YouTube or Vimeo your choice.

- A link to your Social Media accounts & website

COST $40

Take a look at a video post that I did from Holiday 2011, there are 887 views on this one to date!

2012 Holiday Gift Promo Views

Sponsored Post & Giftaway

Combine to of the best ways to have your item seen! A sponsored post and giveaway will double the business boosting odds for this holiday season!

What’s included?

- A sponsored post will be created for your item

- A link to your Social Media accounts and website/blog

Sponsored Post/Giveaway Cost $30

Sponsored Post Video/Giveaway Cost $50

There are only 25 slots available so hurry!

Ready to promote your business for Holiday 2012 contact me with any questions or to sign up.  Please be sure to include basic product info and which promotion type you are interested in.  


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Attention: Bloggers and Blogger Wannabees


Go Daddy Domain Sale

I have a secret to tell you. I am addicted to domain names.  I buy them whenever I think of a product, offer, business idea or name.  Yup, I own tons of them. The thing is I pay between $7.95 to $9.99 for each domain name.

Well from now thru October 31st has a special on .COM’s. for just $2.95 you can grab that domain you were thinking of to start a new blog, business or anything!

There is no better time than now to do it. You will also get a:

• FREE InstantPage™ website
• FREE domain-based personalized email
• FREE photo album & more

This offer is good until October 31st so hurry!


Breast Cancer Awareness! Tell your story with a $2.95 .COM from Go Daddy!  - 468x60

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3 Steps to Help You Get Everything Done During the Day

Productive To Do List

How do you get everything done during the day?

This is a common question for most women juggling a house and home.  If you add running a home business or blog to the mix you may really feel overwhelmed and guilty from neglecting your family.

So if the idea of completing your task list every day sounds impossible the following tips may help you actually complete your list every day.   Here’s how:

Step #1 Create a List

I don’t know about you but I am a list maker.  It’s time for you to embrace the habit of creating a daily, weekly and monthly “to do” list too if you don’t do this already.  A “to do” list will help you keep track of everything you need to get done during the day.

This system of organization will ensure that you stay productive and efficient. I usually create the list for the upcoming day, at night before I go to bed.

Step #2 What’s more important?

Let’s face it, we can all write a 100 item “to do” list but that wouldn’t be productive right?  The first thing you need to do is take a good look at that list you made for your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and rank them in order of priority.

Ask yourself  “what the most important tasks are for you business and/or home?”  Are there tasks that only you can accomplish?  If you have a home business or blog, what tasks will help you grow your business/blog, make money, and thrive?

Step #3 Scratch it off!

Sound too dramatic?  Not really.  There is a pretty good chance that there are  items on your task list that don’t belong there. Either they can be:

  • Completed by someone else – Delegate or Outsource items that require too much time.  Involve your spouse or kids if necessary, let them take on a few things.
  • Automated – Take a deep breath and embrace technology! There are so many things that can be automated.
  • Put Off – Does everything really have to get done right now?  For example, perhaps errands can be put off and completed on the weekend or in the evening.

The bottom line is that there is only one of you.  If you have too much on your list it ain’t getting done anyway, so consider the things that can live with never getting done and erase them from your mind.

Finally, as you take a glance at your narrow list remember to do the items in order of priority.  Focus on the most important, and money making, tasks first. Then you can focus on the lesser tasks if you have spare time.

Do you use a list to get everything done during the day?  Leave a comment below I’d love to hear from you.


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