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And The Winner of the Free Abeka Number Skills Curriculum Is…

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Curriculum Freebie: Abeka Number Skills K

Free Abeka Numbers Skills

The start of our school year is rapidly approaching and I have a few books that I would love to bless another homeschool family with.  Over the next couple of weeks I will list the books and offer them in a giveaway.

The only cost would be that the winner will need to pay for postage which is most cases should be no more than $3-$4.

Today’s freebie is Abeka Number Skills Arithmetic K.

  • Pages 1-15 are done or missing. Disclaimer: One or two pages here or there may be missing throughout the book but, for the most part the book is barely used.
  • The shipping for this book is $3.50 and payment must be sent via Paypal.  Winner will be notified via email.

Enter to win below! Winners will be announced on August 13, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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My experience with the Mirena IUD…the bad and the ugly

Mirena IUD removal

I decided to share my Mirena experience with other women so they can make an informed decision about this IUD.

My journey began a year ago when the flow of my cycle began to become unbearable.  The bleeding became so out of control that my iron levels became dangerously low. My gynecologist suggested I have a D & C, hysteroscopy and insert a Mirena IUD to reduce and/or stop the bleeding.

Call me an idiot, I research everything but for some reason I never bothered to research the Mirena. I guess I just wanted to a remedy for the bleeding.  Five of my six children were born via c-section so I am not I am not an in office procedure kinda girl so I was scheduled to be admitted into the hospital for the procedure(s) in late April of this year.

My first few months with the Mirena IUD

Fast forward – my stay in the recovery room was two hours longer than it should have been because my (normally low) blood pressure went going bonkers.  Now that I think of it that should have been an indication of what was to come.

My recovery from the procedures over the next two days was uneventful, I had a little cramping and then I was on my feet.

Two weeks after I had the Mirena put in I started having heart palpitations and sharp pains in my left breast area. I initially thought it was gas but it never moved or went away.

Over the next two months the following took place:

  • No period
  • Yucky brown discharge 2 to 3 times a week, usually lasting for a few hours and then disappearing
  • Increased heart palpitations and sharp chest pain on left side
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Breast tenderness at least once a week
  • Bloating
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • My hair was falling out

The final straw…

This week I was scheduled for my two month check up, I had already been in contact with the doctors office several times because of the heart palpitations   My doctor insisted the Mirena IUD could not be causing any of the symptoms I mentioned other than hair loss.  She insisted I schedule an appointment with my regular doctor to see what was wrong with me.

During one of my many phone calls/complaints the asked the nurse how the doctor could say the heart palpitations could not be caused by the Mirena IUD?

I asked the nurse if she thought the thousands of others on the internet with the same problem were just lying?  Her response was absolute silence.

I made up my mind that I would have the Mirena IUD removed during my two month visit. When the nurse came in to take my vitals my (usually low) blood pressure was 148/99.  Peculiar right?

The doctor came in next and said I was probably just nervous because of my exam. She said she really didn’t want me to remove the Mirena because it was working so well in stopping my excessive bleeding issue.

She asked me to see my regular doctor and if the other doctor thought the Mirena was the issue she would remove it. Like an idiot I agreed.

Later that night I awoke to chest pain, palpitations and a terrible panic attack. I managed to get through the night and decided to check my blood pressure first thing in the morning.

Guess what?  It was 164/106!  Huh?  I called my gyno and told them I needed to come in that day to have this thing removed.

The nurse told me the doctor is confident my issue had nothing to do with the Mirena and they wouldn’t be able to remove it until next week because their schedule was too busy. I told the nurse I know it is the Mirena and if I have stroke over the weekend I guess it will be their fault. After a brief hold I was given an appointment for that afternoon.

I then called my regular doctors office to explain about my heart issues and blood pressure. After the nurse asked several defining questions, she asked had anything changed in my care or lifestyle recently?

I told her I had a Mirena IUD inserted two months ago.  Her response was “that’s your problem, have you talked to your gyno”? I told her yes, and that my gyno said the Mirena is not to blame. The nurse chuckled and said “she told you that”?

The Mirena removal

Upon arrival everyone in the office was standoffish. My husband and I heard them whispering about me.  The doctor came in the room and asked if I was sure about the removal of the Mirena?

She said she really feels it’s working for me and hates to take it out.  My husband explained what the nurse at my regular doctors office said and the doctor cut him off mid sentence.

She stopped him mid sentence and said the nurse was wrong because the Mirena doesn’t do that.

Long story short, I had it removed.

After the Mirena – the long road to normal

My blood pressure was normal by nightfall. In fact 24 hours later it was 111/77 which is normal for me.

Now what is known as the “Mirena Crash” begins.

24 hours after the removal of my Mirena IUD on the positive side I felt energized.  On the negative I am still having palpitations.  I have a doctors appointment on Monday to check that out.

I awoke in the middle of the night with terrible chest pain and a horrible panic attack. Actually, it’s the worst one yet.

Oh, guess what my cycle has returned with a vengeance. In just 24 hours I’m clotting and heavy. I am grateful though, I feel like my body is trying to purge right now.

I read that it takes a while for the hormone from Mirena to get out of your system and in many cases side effects have become permanent problems.

I will keep you updated on what takes place now.  My prayer is that everything will return to normal.

If anyone is reading this and considering having the Mirena IUD put in DON’T!

There are so many woman suffering from the side effects, removal issues and permanent health issues from this device.

If you or someone has a Mirena experience please share it here, it may help someone else.

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Weekly Work From Home Job List – May 5, 2013

Work From Home Job ListI have created this Work From Home Job series to assist those of you who are looking for a legitimate work from home job.


Take a look at  the current work from home jobs from Indeed.com.


Look at some of the lastest work from home job listings I have researched for this week.

Captial One -  Customer Service Specialist P/T

Apple -   At Home Area Manager

Hunington Resource - Customer Service

Weddzilla.com- Wedding Blogger

Featured Companies

Take a look some of the featured companies from previous weeks.  So far I have featured: Human Resource CompaniesTutoring CompaniesBookkeeping CompaniesTranscription Companies , Blogging Companies & Work From Home Jobs with Benefits.  As always be sure to do your own due diligence when applying for these jobs.

Good Luck!


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Tips for Customizing Homeschooling Approaches

The reason many parents are turning to homeschooling is because there are a variety of teaching methods and curriculums available. However, once the homeschooling begins, they realize that the method or curriculum they’ve chosen needs to be modified as it just doesn’t completely “fit” their children’s needs. This leads many homeschooling parents to create their own curriculum or mix and match various curriculums and teaching styles. So how can you customize your curriculum to fit your children’s needs? It may require you to create your own curriculum or just tweak it a little here and a little there. Below are tips to help you get started!

Study Your Children – Before you can make the decision of whether you need to tweak your existing curriculum or design your own, you need to study your children and determine how they learn the best. If you don’t know, then there are a variety of online resources and tests that will help you determine this. You need to find out how your children learn and find a teaching style that meets this need – it is crucial to your children’s educational success.

Research – Take the time to investigate and research the various homeschooling approaches. There are a lot of them available, so be prepared! You can start by researching the common homeschooling methods and then venture out to the not-so-common ones.

Meet Others – Successful homeschoolers understand the importance of meeting other homeschooling parents. This isn’t just important for your children, but for you as well. When you meet and talk with other homeschoolers, you will get ideas for how you can customize your own homeschooling methods while you build important relationships with others who homeschool.

Don’t Be Limited – It’s important to remember that, if you have more than one child, you may need multiple homeschooling approaches. Each child learns differently, so it may be necessary to customize your approach in a way that incorporates two or more teaching styles.

Experiment – That’s right, homeschooling is a learning project all in itself and it may take a while before you find exactly what works best for your children. So, be willing to experiment with different teaching and learning styles.

Check Out the Freebies – There is a ton of free information online for homeschoolers. Take advantage of it! You will be introduced to new ideas during your search. You will also be able to explore other homeschooling teaching materials such as lesson plans, books, etc. Always, look for online freebies when trying to learn about new homeschooling ideas.

Design You Own – If you just can’t find something that you feel works for your children, it’s okay to design your own. There are many parents who have done this and their children turn out just fine – so don’t be afraid do this if necessary.

Regardless of whether you customize your current homeschooling approach or create your own curriculum, you have to know how your children learn. Homeschooling is all about focusing on your children to provide them with a better learning experience. Therefore, take the time to figure out how each child learns and processes things. Find an approach that compliments their learning style best.

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